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TrxSys Sandbox: All data is temporary
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TrxSys Sandbox gives you a place to try TrxSys out. No registration. One click creation of temporary accounts.
Why TrxSys
Why TrxSys?
TrxSys (Transaction System) is a new and experimental blockchain. It is fast, easy, inexpensive, fun and meant to be used by everyone.
A Proof of Concept (POC) might be the best way to evaluate TrxSys. Explore the value proposition of immutable data and learn how easy TrxSys is to use.
Blockchain is new. Join our community. Read up on TrxSys, Multiplexed Ledger Technology (MLT), building chain apps, and more.

A note to crypto investors and speculators.
TrxSys is not an investment oriented cryptocurrency. TrxSys cryptocurrency will not go up in value. TrxSys cryptocurrency cannot be exchanged for cash.


TrxSys Sandbox

TrxSys Sandbox.

What is a "sandbox"?
TrxSys Sandbox is a site that allows you to play around and experiment with a version of the TrxSys blockchain with free temporary IDs. All logins and data are deleted weekly. Create as many temporary IDs are you want.


Use the TrxSys Sandbox to...

  • Write "Hello World!" in a transaction.
  • Send a transaction to another user that contains proof of date/time, proof of immutable content and proof of who submitted.
  • Create a chain app and set controls for who can read and write transactions.
  • Practice with the TrxSys Forms view and the TrxSys API.
  • Learn how to check ledger integrity.

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